Plant description:  it is a medium sized potato plant (slightly below 1 meter in height)  has strong semi erect-stems  dark green, small to medium sized leaves  very abundant light purple flowers and regular flowering habit  high number of tubers per plant  good storability

Tubers: Oblong/round tubers, Red skin Cream flesh, red-violet under diffuse light store, Medium eye depth Tuber dormancy: Long

Maturity: Medium (3.5-4.0 months)

Yield: Medium (40-50 t/ha)

Disease resistance: Multiple resistances to many of the major diseases in potato growing areas in Kenya Very strong horizontal resistance to late blight Resistance to PVY and PLRV and Moderately susceptible to leaf miner Use: Good for table, crisp, chipping, boiling, and mashing

Attitude range: 1800-3000 m.a.s.l

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