Plant description

  •  It has medium demands to the soil and water supply
  • It has high drought and heat tolerance
  • Has medium tuberization rate thus the recommended plant density is approx. 42,000 plants/ha
  • Very high marketable yield
  • Excellent frying quality

Tubers features: Nice, oval medium to big sized tubers Has yellow, smooth to slightly netted skin Pure yellow colored flesh Has low raw discoloration and very shallow eye depth

Tuber dormancy: Medium dormancy and good storability as this is more a problem than an advantage in Kenya Maturity: Late maturity (4-4.5 months)

Yield: Medium (40-50 t/ha)

Disease resistance: Tolerant to late blight, tuber blight, Leaf blight, black leg, Rhizoctonia sp, common scab bacterial wilt and Potato Virus Y (PVY), Cyst Nematodes and potato wart disease.

Use: very good table quality Widely used for French Fries/Chips Mashing Crisping Areas to be grown: Suitable for all potato-growing areas

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