The Portal is a web-based SMS platform that collects, processes, and disseminates seed and ware potato information. The information on variety, prices, location, and telephone contact of seed and other relevant information will be made available to farmers through SMS.


Potato farmers, seed potato producers and market outlets are registered to the portal. Seed potato producers will upload seed availability information on weekly basis to the portal using a web interface. Farmers will be able to query the availability of the seed through SMS for free.

Farmers interested in selling through the portal will be required to be in groups that will have an MOU with NPCK to ease the process of supporting the group.

Farmer registration process

The farmers will register through a short code message services (SMS) indicating their full name, county, and sub county. Their mobile phone number will serve as a unique identifier.

Querying for seeds by farmers

Registered farmers will use a short code message service (SMS) to query for availability of seeds. Reply from the portal will include details of: Seed Variety, available quantity in KG’s, price per KG, Seed Producer Company, county and contact number.

Marketing of ware potato through the portal

The registered farmer groups will upload potato stock available weekly and the data will be available online to potential market outlets/ processors registered in the portal

Seed producers Registration

Seed producers are registered by the portal Administrator. Details captured include: Seed Producer Company, name of contact person, email, password among others.

Market outlets registration and order

Registered market outlets will access the portal and view available potato stock and place their orders. NPCK will capture this information and in the background they will make the linkage between the processor and the Farmer group.

The NPCK Online portal provides an interactive linkage between seed and ware potato producers, with a goal of providing ware potato growers access to certified seed in order to improve potato production.

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