The Portal is a web-based SMS platform that collects, processes, and disseminates seed and ware potato information. The information on variety, prices, location, and telephone contact of seed and other relevant information will be made available to farmers through SMS..

Seeds Access

NPCK Online will enable you access Certified and Clean seeds for planting. To guarantee you quality Potato from your farm, then you must plant the best seeds. This service is now available as an SMS service.

Potato Market

Are looking for quality Potatoes for processing? Are your Potatoes ready for selling ? Our mobile services will link potato suppliers to processors matching the Supply and Demand creating a virtual market place.


Our SMS services will ensure you are updated with most recent information on Potatoes and Potato trends including key details on planting, disease control, potato care,harvesting and market access.


Send an SMS in below format to 22384
NPCK # REGISTER # Your Name # Your County
e.g NPCK # REGISTER # Tom Kariuki # Nakuru
Seed Query

Send an SMS in below format to 22384
NPCK # SEED # Potato Variety
e.g NPCK # SEED # Tigoni
Market Supply

Send an SMS in below format to 22384
NPCK # MARKET # Potato Variety # Price per KG # Available KGS # Day of Month (1-31) # Month (1-12)
e.g NPCK # MARKET # Tigoni # 56 # 1200 KGS # 15 # 7
Help Services

Send an SMS in below format to 22384


Plant description: it exhibits a medium plant height has an intermediate type foliage structure stems are upright to...
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Plant description  It has medium demands to the soil and water supply It has high drought and heat tolerance Has...
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Use : Table variety Chips Crisps Areas to be grown : All regions suitable for potato production Maturity : Medium(3-...
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Plant Description:  It grows as a medium plant  Has a upright stems Has minimal foliage Ihe leaves are dark g...
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